Regarding the seasonal rent advertising, DC services, thanks to the support and the cooperation with different partners and several industry leading partners, offers visibility to diverse properties used for seasonal rent, making the detail and the particular the strength point of their residences. Thanks to its climate and its area, Liguria is one of the most beautiful region of the italian tourism: UNESCO contributed to safeguard both development and management. The owner who relies on us for the advertising of the property will ensure profitability without brokerage costs on the weekly fee because, unlike the many real estate agents, we cost not in terms of brokering but in terms of advertising, ensuring the best and highest income to the owner. We can offer the best in terms of real estate advertising, with reference to the best partners operating on the market both in Italy and abroad. The tenant who decides on one of the residences we advertised, not only chooses the property for his stay, but even the ability to take advantage of a vacation planning to the extreme level. Our staff, thanks to the Micheline Guida, will be able to bring quality and exclusivity to your palate, because a perfect italian holiday can not be defined like that if it is not accompanied by a genuine and quality cookery. If You believe in us and want to get over all problems, entrusted to our services by choosing exclusivity, quality and competence as cornerstones on which plan your stay and your holidays.